Roofing Maintenance

An annual inspection of your roofing system after hot summer weather, and before or during the colder winter months is critical to the proper maintenance of your roof. If your building is not covered by our Roofing Systems Service Agreement, or if you have not had an inspection of your roof and building exterior this year, please contact us at (704) 391-8001 for a complimentary inspection and written report. While repair of some problems observed could be deferred until spring or summer, the following defects should be repaired with the proper cold weather techniques.

  • Deteriorated, split, and cracked flashings on walls, curbs and roof penetrations.
  • Splits and cracked parapet wall and coping joints
  • Splits or ruptured blisters in modified or built-up roofs.
  • Holes, tears and splits on single ply roofs.

These conditions, if not corrected, could lead to costly leaks and roofing system deterioration during the winter months.

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